Guidelines for ranks on Social. How to earn, and how to lose.

Overview: Users do not pay or donate to earn member/mod/owner at Social. Instead they must work hard to earn their rank by showing dedication and trustworthiness.

Member: Member is fairly easy to earn. All that’s needed is to follow rules, engage positively with users, and be active for an estimated 1-2 weeks. Users who are often silent in the main chat will have less of a chance of earning member.

  • You can lose this rank by breaking rules repeatedly, being toxic to the chat and the users, or being inactive for a long time.

Temporary Moderator: This is also fairly easy to earn. You need to remain active and not break rules. The more active, the more the chance of becoming a temp moderator. This gives you time to adjust to moderating the chat and managing the users and rules. You can type “rules” on the chat to see them.

  • You can lose this rank by breaking rules, abusing users, or by being inactive when you are made a temporary moderator. We expect temporary moderators to watch the chat and be active.

Moderator: To earn permanent moderator, you need to be active, not break rules, and moderate the chat. You will have a higher chance of earning permanent moderator if you remain active and not break rules. It’s fairly simple and straight forward.

  • You can lose this rank by breaking rules, abusing users, or by being inactive. It’s especially important that permanent moderators are NOT inactive as this can and will result in a demotion and replacement with another active well behaved user.

Owner: To earn a position as an owner you will need to be a very effective moderator first. You will also need to learn how to make proper temp moderators that do not break rules and are active. Breaking rules will not be tolerated especially as an owner or permanent moderator. Keep in mind that owners are rarely made, and are made only when necessary.

  • You can lose this rank by breaking rules, abusing users, or by being inactive. Inactivity as an owner is not tolerable and will result in demotion and replacement. We need active owners that are making proper temporary moderators and suggesting permanent moderators to the main owners.

Main Owner: Main owners are not currently being made, but when they are, they are chosen by the main owners and/or xat administrators.

Tips to earn ranks effectively:

Be helpful: Helping out at Social is always a big help to the staff. The more you help and prove your skills, the better. Social staff need to be intelligent and know what they are doing.

Follow the rules: Breaking the rules in general is a bad thing, but when you’re trying to earn staff and you constantly get kicked and/or banned, it decreases your chance of promotion greatly. Even if you already earned a staff rank, doing this can result in a demotion.

Be nice: The staff of Social represent the chat. No matter what chat you are on, you represent Social and are expected to have a good reputation and not cause trouble. Be nice to all users and make sure they enjoy their time at Social.

Other tips to earn ranks:

  • Users must be registered with xat.com – this is key
  • Users must speak conversational English as Social is predominantly an English chat room
  • Users must have a good history / background on xat
  • Users must follow all rules at all times and ensure that other users are doing so
  • Users must be active at least a few times a week

What will damage your chance of earning ranks?

  • Constantly getting kicked/banned (depending on reason)
  • Engaging negatively with users
  • Previous violations of the xat.com terms of service and/or this chat’s rules
  • Not being active in the chat
  • Unprofessional conduct in other chats (handled on a case-by-case basis)
  • Asking for rank – this is the easiest way to blacklist yourself from it