Blog Update

The blog is getting a makeover. Please bare with us as we work on the site. Thanks!

Main Owner UPDATE

BLACK (1001) and Angel (143742) are now the main owner’s of Social.

Main Owner UPDATE

CONGRATULATIONS Carly on becoming the new Co-Main Owner of Social!!!!!

Valentine’s Day Auction

xat will be hosting an ID auction for Valentine’s Day if you’re interested in IDs or auctions then I’ll leave some hyperlinked words for you to click. For the forum to request certain IDs to be put into the auction click THIS. If you wanna watch the auction click THIS.

Farewell, Charlie

Charlie recently resigned from Social, and decided to quit xat. Charlie has done more than enough for Social, and I think that making a post about thanking him was the least that I can do. Charlie is a good individual, he is a good friend, he is a great listener, and will always be remembered for what he did for us. He put so much time into making Social what it is now, with the help of us as well. Thank you for all of your hard work and time you’ve put into the chat Charlie, and farewell.

Inappropriate Names

Recently, unregistered users have been making inappropriate names, and evading, resulting in the bot continuously banning inappropriate names, the chat being flooded and protect being used.

In an attempt to try and decrease the use of protect mode, the bot will no longer detect inappropriate names. This means protect won’t be used as often. Moderators, please keep an eye out for inappropriate names, but don’t constantly reban users if they evade. This will disrupt the chat. An owner can mute them if needed.

Just a reminder that it is preferable that protect is not used on promotion. Protect should only be used if the chat is being raided, or if stricter banning fails.



Click This to join the Social Disocrd Server


With the high amount of bullying/harassment Social is getting, anyone who is bullying or harassing staff, or other users in general, will get a forever ban. Bullying is NOT and will NEVER be OK! Please report users that you feel you are being harassed from or bullied from on the chat and we will look into the situation. We want Social to feel like a safe place and we hope everyone can feel that way here. Click THIS to read more about bullying.

Main Owner: Update

Life has returned and will be the main owner from here on in.

Social’s monthly main has stopped meaning Carly and I will revert back to owner.


Happy New Year Social!

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