New manager: HelperNate

It is with great pleasure to announce that I am the new main owner of Social chat!

With this, I intend to restore Social to its former glory and restore its official and autopromoted status again! For now, my current plans are to rally the old staff and promote appropriate new ones, re-construct rules, bot, blog, and other chat settings, and spread the word that Social is back by promo! A background contest will be coming later to help place future backgrounds for the chat. Other improvements will be made later, and I will be sure to keep you all informed via the chat’s associated blog site! I am looking forward to working with the users of xat to help make Social a fun place for all!

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or just want to say hi, my FEXBot mail and my forum profile are always open so you can message me there if you do not see me in the chat.

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