Intro/What’s new?

Hello, I’m Dallas. I’m an owner for Social. I used to be a blog editor in 2016/2017, and due to a incident, I’ve had to leave. I’m back now and I hope to bring you all helpful news, and keep you updated. So, what’s new with Social? As of right now, we are looking for active users. If you ever thought about being staff at a xat official chat, you should look into being more active for Social, invite your friends and let’s make it an enjoyable experience. What’s new with xat? As of right now, 3/28/2019, auth has been removed thus making tickle a power that can’t be obtainable if you haven’t got it already, so in the meantime there is no current method to obtaining a tickle power. On another note, html5 is making progress, with the addition of the powers page, shortname page, promotion page, transfer group page and more, being transformed into html5 pages. That means html5 is getting closer to being the new default for xat.

Thank you for reading this post! – Dallas

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