August 2019 update

Mike, and Glitch have returned to maintain Social. Social is back on Auto-Promo. Nathan has stepped down from main owner.

4/29/2019 Update

We have decided to reset the chat, finalize our staff list to clean up the chat. The staff list is final, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose your rank or even not earn a rank, follow the rules, and be active and you will keep your rank or may even earn a rank.

Social: Update

So, it appears as my last message is already out-of-date.

Today, as of March 29th, 2019, I’ve became Social’s newest Main Owner, alongside Nathan. We’ve decided that with this update that we should re-evaluate the chat, that means staff and the way the chat will be running from now on. The current staff list has been updated, we apologize to those who lost their ranks, but you will be able to earn your rank back faster than normal if you show persistence.

We are allowing Social to have a new language to be used, Spanish. This allows us to branch out to Spanish users and get more attraction. If you’re a spanish user and you’re interested in helping out Social with moderating the spanish users, please contact Nathan or myself.

Intro/What’s new?

Hello, I’m Dallas. I’m an owner for Social. I used to be a blog editor in 2016/2017, and due to a incident, I’ve had to leave. I’m back now and I hope to bring you all helpful news, and keep you updated. So, what’s new with Social? As of right now, we are looking for active users. If you ever thought about being staff at a xat official chat, you should look into being more active for Social, invite your friends and let’s make it an enjoyable experience. What’s new with xat? As of right now, 3/28/2019, auth has been removed thus making tickle a power that can’t be obtainable if you haven’t got it already, so in the meantime there is no current method to obtaining a tickle power. On another note, html5 is making progress, with the addition of the powers page, shortname page, promotion page, transfer group page and more, being transformed into html5 pages. That means html5 is getting closer to being the new default for xat.

Thank you for reading this post! – Dallas

New Activity Requirement

Starting February, to be marked here for the day, you must be active for at least 20 minutes and send at least 5 messages. If you look on the pastebin linked by command !list, “Last active” indicates the last time the 20 minute activity requirement has been met, and “Last messages” indicates the last time that the minimum requirement of 5 messages has been met. This may be subject to change depending on daily user traffic and general activity. Thank you and happy socializing!

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or just want to say hi, my FEXBot mail, my forum profile, and my private chat are always open so you can message me there if you do not see me in the chat! I’ll probably respond the fastest if you private chat my xat account directly:

HelperNate (21299)

Protected: Social Staff Meeting 1-12-19

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

New manager: HelperNate

It is with great pleasure to announce that I am the new main owner of Social chat!

With this, I intend to restore Social to its former glory and restore its official and autopromoted status again! For now, my current plans are to rally the old staff and promote appropriate new ones, re-construct rules, bot, blog, and other chat settings, and spread the word that Social is back by promo! A background contest will be coming later to help place future backgrounds for the chat. Other improvements will be made later, and I will be sure to keep you all informed via the chat’s associated blog site! I am looking forward to working with the users of xat to help make Social a fun place for all!

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or just want to say hi, my FEXBot mail and my forum profile are always open so you can message me there if you do not see me in the chat.

Rules Change / Update


With the recent chat changes, we decided to make a topic regarding some modifications to rules.

Few changes regarding bans is all. This will both be a staff guide and user guide. These are only applied to certain rules.

Harassment = Kick then ban 0.5 hrs – 2 hrs (then whatever owner + main decide if repeated.)

Personal information = 100 hrs – 500 hrs – forever

Repeat offenders instead of 0.1 hrs, 0.2 hrs – 0.5 hrs and higher.

Staff Change / Management Change


The past main owner and some of their staff were removed from staff positions on Social. We wish them the best in their future endeavors. There has also been various other staff changes. View the new list at:

Other information: We also have a new main owner, Denise. Her main ownership will be explained in coming days in another post.

Social Update

There have been various changes to the management of

There are various staff changes, the blog has also been updated, and there is now a new discord for social. Feel free to join – Discord